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Transition: Self Reliance/Sufficiency

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Self Reliance/Sufficiency
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(A penny saved, is a penny earned) Ben Franklin had that right. Now more than ever we are aware that when we buy something it costs us more than just it's price. We have to drive to the store, stalk up and down the isles looking for the thing and then trying to figure out if what that particular store has is what we *really* want. More often than not, we end up buying something that we're not really happy with and a few years down the road it's in our garage/yard sale.... So, a lot of this is just common sense, and being a savy consumer. Note that a *lot* of ads on tv are designed to make us go out and buy, buy, buy NOW NOW NOW!!!! Let's face it, those kinds of things are soooo 20th century; sheesh.


Recycle, reuse, ...


(Recharge and save) It finally got to the point, where i decided to bite the bullet and buy a recharger and several sets of rechargeable batteries. I have a basket into which we put the used ones so that i can recharge them. The recharged batteries are in a separate box. So, far we haven't bought any batteries (except see below) for over a year now. The metal-hydride are best for cameras, ipods, etc. The problem is with flash lights. If we don't use the battery for a long time (say 3 or 4 months) the batteries *do* discharge. So, we've got some of the plug-in-the-wall flash lights that go on if the power goes off and they continually re-charge. The onese we have also have a night-light feature but it doesn't turn off during the day --- hmmm. The manufacturers are sure to respond with new products. In the mean time, for your old batteries you can take them to your local radio shack store and they will see that they are recycled. Needless to say, the chemicals in the batteries aren't good for the environment and (like aluminum cans) it's hundreds of times more efficient to take the batteries and melt them down rather than having to go out and dig up/process/transport fresh ore.