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Transition Texas: Fort Worth

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Transition: Fort Worth, TX
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(being a forward looking, backward glance) The idea is simply that of "backward time-travel". Some time in the future (come what may), we will have to find other alternatives to our oil habit. And since, we'd like to leave the world as best we can and not such a dismal "dark future" (eg, the film "BladeRunner"), we have to use the resources we have NOW so that we can "buy our way" into a better future. For example, say someone invents a really efficient kind of solar power satellite, but by that time we don't have enough fuel to put it in orbit. Thus, we have to garner and manage our current resources for the future which we need to build. The physicist Enrico Fermi once asked the question, that if the universe was just teeming with life, then where are they? The astronomer/writer Arthur C. Clarke replied in one of his essays that they might have destroyed themselves before ever getting to the galactic travel stage. We should try to not do that; me thinks. Onward... {
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(ways of approaching transition) A lot of these ideas are nothing new, and categories include: -[
Self Reliance]- (simple things that pay off now) -[Appropriate Technology]- -[Decentralisation]- -[Localisation]- -[Post Carbon]- -[Post Petroleum]- -[Beyond Oil]- -[]- -[]- {Back to the TOP of this page}