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The lzrc

(The Linnean Space-Time Conveyor (Das Meults; the stairs - to the is of so?)

Kingdom: Animalia. Phylae [Porifera] (sponges) [Cnidari] (hydrozoans, jellies, corals) Class: [Hydrozoa] (Hydrozoans) [Scyphozoa] (Jellies) [Cubozoa] (box jellies and sea waps) [Anthozoa] (sea anemones and most corals) [Placozoa] (the one and only: Tircoplax Adhaerens!!) [Kinorhyncha] (inter-tidal - 2000m; marine) [Platyhelminthes] (variouse classes of flat worms) Class: [Turbellaria] (free-living flatworms) [Trematoda] (flukes) [Monogenea] (Monogeneans) [Cestoda] (tapeworms) [Nemertea] (proboscis worms) [Lophophorates] [Ectoprocta] [Phoronida] [Brachiopoda] (brachiopods) [Rotifera] (Rotifers) [Mollusca] (Molluscs) Class: [Polyplacophora] (tidal 8-plated chitons) [Gastropoda] (snails, sea slugs) [Bivalva] (clams, oysters, mussels, scallops) [Cephalopoda] (octapusses, squids, nautilluses) [acanthocephala] (spiny-headed worms) [Ctenophora] (comb jellies) [Loricifera] (Loriciferans) [Priapula] (Priapulans) [Annelida] (segmented worms) [Oligochaea] () [Polychaeta] () [Hirudinea] (leeches) [Nematoda] (round worms) [Arthropoda] () Sub-phylum: [Cheliceriformes] (horseshoe crab, aracnids) [Myriapoda] (millipedes, centipedes) [] (insects, springtails) [Crusatcea] (Crustaceans) (and other abstract artworks) [Cycliphora] () [Tardigrada] () [Onychophora] (velvet worms) [Hemichordata] () [Echinodermata] (those zany echinoderms!!) Class: [Asteroidea] (sea stars) [Ophiuroidea] (brittle stars) [Echinoidea] (sea urchins and sand dollars) [Crinoidea] (sea lillies) [Holothuroidea] (sea cucumbers) [Chordata] (back-boned creatures - they should act more RESPONSIBLY!!!) Sub-phylum: [Urochordata] (tunicates) [Cephalochordata] (lancelets) [Craniata] (craniates - head-boned; slightly) Class: [Myxini] (hag fishes) Vertibrates Class: [Cephlaspidomorphi] (lampreys) [Chondrichthyes] (sharks, rays, chimaeras) [Actinopterygii] (ray-finned fishes) [actinistia] (coelacanths) [Dipnoi] (lung fishes) [Amphibia] (frogs, geckos, salimandersw) [Reptilia] (tuatara, lizards, snakes, turtles, corocdilians, -[BIRDS aves]-) [Mammalia] (cats, dogs, man, rhinos, elephants, platypuses, emus)