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Jennifer Gray i/v (my notes)

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Jennifer Gray - Intro

Peak Moment TV

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I/V with Jennifer Gray]- via: -[]- 7:30 - Transition Town movement (12 steps) 1. Steering Group - design demise; pioneers/catylsts 2. Awareness raising 3. Lay foundations - listen to the land for a year 4. Great unleashing - here we are generate buzz and hype - a postive feeling; the future doesn't hae to be bleak a different form of abbundance 11:10 5. Build working groups; Kinsale doc ; eg, edu, housing, econo, transport, med 12:20 6. Use open space technology - world cafe; chaotic - unleashing the collective genius of our community; building resilence 7. Re-skilling for power-down; prima-culture. Productive work for life. 13:40 8. Build a bridge to local govt. 14:30 9. Honor the elders. 15:40 10. Let it go where it wants to. We don't have the answers 11. Build the energy action plan. What do we have now... bridge to lower energy in the future... 12. That's the gist of it.... 18:51 19:40 Training sessions; - support structure training for transitio (2 days) train the trainers (4 days) transition us .org 21:00 setting up a steering group, book: the transition handbook by Rob Hopkins 22:30 - people get it; conserving more, saving more party on for power down! re-building the social fabric 25:00 projects are emerging; farmer's markets recycling, challenges: working with people and egoism - working for the greater good; a humbling thing to bring us back to. 9:00 - Community Gardens! Practical projects - people get to do what they love. Work on projects - and hands on


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