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Transition Texas: Galveston Island Huricane

Last updated: 2009-04-06 by Frank; via: fleeding AT hotmail DOT com I and my family visited a couple of our cousins in Galveston and the Houston area last year, pretty shocking stuff to see places where just last year we were walking - the humidity was killing me and seemed like i was thirsty ALL the time - i spent a fortune on bottled water and (actually) abstained ethanol the entire time. At night what they called air conditioning was ONLY nice because i had a box fan pointed at my bed. One photo set (can't find it now ##@@@!!!) had the phrase, "like a swing we always come back - we *will* re-build". Prob will need break waters like in the Netherlands. sheesh: energy plus++ - frank; fleeding AT hotmail DOT com via flicker "DSC - PB&J Texas PhotoStream" -[i assume his self portraite]- (flickr link) (i assume a "classic" self portrait of dsc-pbj) -[FlagShip Hotel]- (flickr link) Part of the "main strip" of the board/side walk. Usually a great place to swim - and you can often see dolphins (yep - first time in my life to see 'me !) -[Beach detritis]- (flickr link) Another nice place to wim or just walk along - well "normally". What ARE we doing to our world? via flickr: everyman complex more stuff from "everyman_complex" -[some friends murdering each other (thatre-wise)]- (flickr link) (no portrait avial; nice photo of his truck near Boulder, COlorado) -[wahed away]- (flickr link) "There used to be a building out there" -[mariah_morningstar]- (flickr link) Funky day ... my head hurts! (sinuses) -[Boliover Peninsula]- (flickr link) (Me Mum sed that they used to have the ferry out here - where can you dock now???) -[RoadWay to the FlagShip Hotel]- (flickr link) "as you can see, it's un-usable" -[]- (flickr link) -[]- (flickr link) -[]- (flickr link) -[]- (flickr link) -[]- (flickr link) -[]- (flickr link) -[]- (flickr link) -[]- (flickr link) -[]- (flickr link) -[]- (flickr link)