Do As I Say Some will tell you to do as they say. They will condemn many, saying there are no exceptions. And that is just the way it is. If you listen to them, you will begin to be convinced that they are. If you continue to listen, and question (silently), then you will see that they are not. That there are exceptions for them. Not for anyone else. They are noise. Do What I Say Some seek power. The power over others. They are not along the way of the way. Do not be angered by them except when they control others to believe in them. Have pity: For they face the wrong way, all the while proclaiming to know the way. The way of the way is not noise. Much of the way is that of humbleness. Much of the way is foolishness. Those that will admit only that all others are fools, they are the only true fool. One sage bids all to listen to them and to show that they are a fool. Another sage sees this and then says not, and knows what will happen. And is saddened by the ones who will not admit to being a fool. They will then give into anger and make the sage to be the fool. And if you agree with the sage, they will make you the fool. The way of the way is for fools. All are fools. Do What Is Right When the sage is laughed at by those who seek power. They do not laugh at what the sage says, or what the sage is. They laugh, because they fear that the sage will expose them. Laugh at the world. Laugh at your own mistakes. Laugh at your own fear. For the sage can not be controlled who laughs. Only pride can be controlled by others. Laughter can answer any argument by those who seek power, and fame, and glory, and violence. For power, and fame, and glory and violence only try to hold the sand up against the fall of gravity. Become the sage, show by silence to others that control is an illusion. Silence and laughter are siblings. This is the way of the way.
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