All is Sacred Some will say that out of respect that they do not eat animals. They see only part of the way. You may tell them that plants and the air, and the earth are sacred as well. If they do not hear the silence of your words, do not become angry. Anger is not the way of the way. Perhaps they are happy, perhaps still they may find their way along the way. All is All is the way of the way, and know that as you have consumed the world, that you will die. And then some day (objectively) there will be another that will see the warmth of the sun, or hear the movement of clouds. The way of the way is the way of being. And the one that will be is not you. But it is you. Just as you are that which once was. It is subjective to think this, but it is the way of silence. Silence is the way of the way, noise is the way of itself. Be the World Being much of the world and using it ligthly are much of the way of the way. Know the world. Know yourself and see yourself as a part of it. Know that what has been, and what is, and what will be is is. If you are is is, then you are much of the way. And know not to divide yourself from the sorrow or happiness of the world. Encourage joy, embrace sorrow, be. Silence The Ego There are many wars and there are many who shout. Silence is the way of the way. Speak up quietly, say what the way is at that time. Try to show them the way of the way. They can only see a small bit of it -- for they are noise. And war, and power, and money are their gods. And they hear only their own ego singing its own praise. Some can not hear the silence, for they have never heard it. Perhaps one day they will hear the silence. Perhaps not. Speak against injustice. But, again their ego sings louder than the crashing of worlds. Silence is much of the way of the way. There is no end to silence The violent and the powerful and the loud sing and rant about their eternal strength. But know that the silence can never end. Be of the way of silence. Say the words that you have said forever before and know that you have never left the world. Speak out against injustice. They will shout louder and tell you that you are wrong. Do no violence, and they shall torture you, and in the end they shall win. They win, because they shout it louder than anything else. That they are eternal. And they will die and be blown to the winds. And the silence will remain. Be the silence. They secretly know that they truely will die and become nothing and be blown to the wind -- the more that they know this, the louder they will shout and the more violence and wealth they will need to shut out the silence. Be the silence and know that you never will end for you have always existed. Silence is the way of the way. Speak out against injustice. And when you are silenced, rest and reflect for a thousand years until it is time to become is again. The way of the way is the is.
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