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The Tides

Dedication: You do not always have to be the waves against the rock. You can be the cork in the river. It is desire that makes us un-happy.

Is life sufficient?

Is life sufficient? Is it enough to simply be? If are but an accident, is there any meaning? If we are to but die, then is it worth it? Yes.

Are we the puppet?

Is all that we are taught merely to someone else's advantage? Are others more important than we? Are we more important than others? No.

Who are we?

Are we someone? Are we going somewhere? Is there an answer? Will we ever know? Yes.

Do they really know?

Do they really know all the truth? Do they know what is best for us? Are we the problem? Are they always right? No.

Which is the way?

Is there a way? Is the simple answer right? Is the simple answer wrong? Is the truth also false? Yes.

Why do the generations not listen?

Do our parents hate us? Do we hate our children? Do we understand our past? Do we understand the present? No.

Where is the sound?

Is there a song that all can hear? Is there a voice that can express all love? Is there a multitude rather than only one? Will there yet be peace?
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