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In the manner of Kahlil Gibrahn
I dedicate this to the
writers and the readers
  the bible
  the koran
  the new testament
  the vedas
  the book of the dead by Anis

There is much that is
              commending violence
              commending hatred

  Commend thy actions only to Peace

          The author Lao Tse

(May mystery always form a part of our being)

C O N T E N T S The Land of My Youth THe City of Gold The Forest of Life THe Silent Sea The Desert The Stars
The Land of My Youth Oh joyious ignorance

I was born of Hope With only longing and happiness in my heart. I knew not of hatred of any predjudice All were the same to me All were friends, or family. All were Now only in memory and foggy things the joys of the simple dwell. Of swings, and mud puddles and surprise too.
We play in an empty place There is cut-stubble grass which hurts my feet. There is broken glass which catches the sun's light and glitters it back out again reflecting everwhere it touches. There are logs along the banks of a pond There are frogs and flowers and wonders to behold.
I go to school and learn many things about our world. They are woundrous to imagine. Our world is but one among many vast numbers.
There are many people. And each wants somthing. And some do not want others to have something. There is not enough of this something. There will be war.
Poom, poom, poom ! go the drums of war. I watch the soldiers march down the street and wave my flag and wave my hand as well. There is a noise. And then there is nothing. It is a dream, isn't it?
I study mathematics, the most dangerious of all sciences. With mathematics you can build war machines or toys for children. Adults demand many things, But most of all they demand seriousness.
The War is over at last. And life returns to its old ways. And yet....
THere is music -- it is a festival. Children sing and dance and play in the sun light. All is happy again.
As I grew up, I realized that I was now an adult. And that I should see the world. And put such childish thoughts from my mind. This I was taught.
As I leave I notice that many of the children that I have grown up with have forgotten much. They are adults but many still act as children. They do not share, they hate and fight and complain. Others are happy and carefree and the other adults laugh and call them foolish. I will remain a fool and not let sorrow and hate control me.
The City of Gold Oh! What wonders

I entered with such happiness and expectations: Such treasures abound. There are so many, so much, the city over flows with existance.
There are many things to have. To buy, to be bought. I work. I do work. I have many monies. I buy. I shop. I enjoy. I am.
The people come to and fro. They are all ways moving To this way and From that. Never standing still. They ever have things to do and places they must be. And yet they never speak.
I see a park. It is lovely and has a pond. I remember the pond of my youth. There are ducks, but they do not know me. The park goes quiet and dark and cold.
I met a man. He was once a soldier. He fought an aevil war. He is old. He is alone. He always is happy to see me. There are stoires that he tells. He knows much. He lives now with his son and I no longer see him. Or hear his stories. I think that he is perhaps happier now.
There are roads. Along its paths the people hurry about their business. Never stopping. Guards make sure that no one stops, or slows, or speaks. Lo! Any that slow or stop are lead away from the road. The King commands it to be so.
I went to wash my clothes. While there I noticed a man who was singing. At first I was quite irritated. Why could he not be quiet like everyone else. But then I began to listen to his ong -- in a language that I did not understand. It was sad, but sometimes happy. that was how much the city had taken control of me: To be angry by a man singing.
The people here are such empty shells. Many cry because they are hungry. The people do not hear it. They are alone, empty shells, moving to and fro so that they will not hear the sounds of their own cries of sorrow. The city is a city of cold.
A man came to the city to protect it. He told of a new way of being. he told many of their own sorrows. He listened and said of what little wisdom he had things to help. The Guards took him away. Many wondered if the man was a saviour -- he was not but just a man. And still the Guards took him away. The King commands it to be so.
I leave the city of gold. For I know tht one day the Guards would come for me. I do not wish their king ill will -- but I think that he demands too much. And that he is too serious for me to know.
The Forest of Life Oh, animal that we are!

I found a place near a forest and work to pay its owner. I built a small house and have books and music and movies to entertain. And yet I too am lonely. Perhaps meditation will help.
I met soemone with whom I could be happy. But, they only laughted at me. I am alone, but perhaps better off. Animals come out of the forest to drink from the pond. They seem happy too.
I realize too that my own lonliness betrays any happinesss that I might have. I dream of the person that I liek. I fancy that we live in happiness and yet I know that I might lose myself to them. And be hurt.
I took it upon myself to explore the forest. I became lost. And lost track of time. I became wild. I was sick. And then well again. I have lost myself to the forest.
When became again. Myself. And I found myself on a familiar path. When I returned to my hut, all was I left it. Had I been gone for days? Or perhaps years? Everyone that I met seemed strange to me. But, it was I who had changed.
The person who had laughed at me now found me attractive. And yet I was quite indifferent to them or anyone else. I care only for the sounds of the forest, and for my own thoughts. I have found solace in my aloneness.
I fell asleep and dreamed a strange dream. Of many people, going to and fro -- it was the city of gold. And I awoke and knew what would make them happy. I must return and tell them of my dream.
I entered the city, and many people gathered around to look at my wild appearance. I told them of the dream and of the many ways I had learned. The Guards came and took me from the city. The King commnds it to be so.
I returned to the forest and sought the one who had laughed at me. We talked for a long time and stayed with each other but at last they were taken from me by cruel death. I am alone; again.
The Silent Sea Oh! Questions that can not be answered.

I sit by the edge and watch the water come in and then go out. And ask: Why? There is no answer. But. The waters may go out. But. Thy always come back in.
When I swim in the sea, I see another world still, cold, quiet, and deep. The fish feed me. I live and swim, and sit upon the shore. I sometimes dispair. I am sometimes happy with wild abandon and dance upon the wet sands of the shore. I seem to be content.
I have built a hut up from the shore. I watch the sea and sometimes see people walking along its quiet shore. Children play gayly and run back and forth into the sea and then back out again. I think I understand.
The Stars Oh! Dark speckled night of a faith we once thought lost!

As I lay dieing I see the stars above my bed. And at last I understand why
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