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Egyptology Sources

  Sir Wallis Budge:    The Egyptian Book of the Dead.
                       ISBN:  0-486-21866

  R.O. Faulkner:       Book of the Dead (beautifully
                       rendered, with many beautiful
                       ISBN:  0-292-70425-9

  Laurel Glen:         The Art of Ancient Egypt.
                       (The title says it all!)
                       ISBN:  1-57145-605-8

  And for budding Egyptologists:

  Joseph and Lenore Scott:   Egyptian Hieroglyphs
                             for Everyone, pub by
                             Funk and Wagnals, NY,

  Sir E.A. Wallis:           Egyptian Language,
                             pub by Dover Books,
                             1983, ISBN 0-486-21394-3

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