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(The Linnean Space-Time Conveyor (Da Plantz; das phyta - Nicht vahr?)

Kingdoms [Shrink-back-down]

[Archaebacteria] [Eubacteria] [Fungi] (mushrooms anyone?) Division: [Zygomycota] [Ascomycota] [Basidiomycota] Class: [Hymenomycetes] [Gasteromycetes] [Terliomycetes] [Protista] Division: [Oomycota] [Chytridiomycota] [Acrasiomycota] [Mysomycota] [Chysophyta] Autotrophs: Aalgae & Diatoms Class: [Chrysophyceae (golden algae) [Xanthophyceae (yellow-green algae) [Acillariaophyceae] (diatoms!) [Pyrrhophyta] [Euglenophyta] (yeahh! It's the Euglena!) [Rhodophyta] [Phaeophyta] [Chlorophyta] Green Algae Class: [Charophyceae] [Ulvophyceae] [Chlorophyceae] Number 3: Volvox. Volllvox. Number 3.... [Plantae] (factory floor) Division: [Hepatophyta] Liverworts (byrophytes next 3 exits) [Anthocerophyta] Hornworts [Bryophyta] Mosses [Psilotophyta] [Lycophyta] [Sphenophyta] Horsetails [Pterophyta] Ferns [Coniferophyta] Behold the mighty Pine! [Cycadophyta] [Ginkophyta] (ginko for health!) [Gnetophyta] [Anthophyta] (and there were flowers) Class: [Monocotyledones] || Threes... [Dicotylednes] \|/ Fours, fives,...