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Nmaths: Intro

Negative Maths

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Different Models]-

Changing the Maths Cur.

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Connect a Million Minds .com

www: connect a millions]- MTGK Institute 5022 Tennyson Parkway Plano, TX 75024-3151 (972) 473-8377

Ways of Thinking

Change of Context]- (c of c) -[Hanover]- -[]-


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Teaching Maths} {Mathematical Proofs} (and such)

Teaching Maths

]- -[]- -[www: TheMathLab . com]- Interesting site with lots of "get invovle" activities for maths In the "teachers only", some good guidances Games mini-lectures (five mins each of: Talk, Try the idea, Report!) boardwork groupwork individual work projects videos writing assignments discovery lessons computer practice Internet research spreadsheet explorations humorous stories lively historical anecdotes and facts one on one peer tutoring experiments timed drills self checking worksheets with answer banks -[]- the sites and seem pretty $-oriented "improve that grade!" -[]- -[]-

Mathematical Proofs

(and such) -[
]- -[Goldberger's paper on why proofs are necessary]-